One of the requirements for an Independent to nominate for election to the Australian Senate is the provision of a list of names, addresses and signatures of 100 people, who are currently eligible to vote in Victoria, who willingly support the nomination.

I am very grateful to the 120 people who have given their support for my nomination.

Thank you very much to each of you.


Join the conversation and spread the word:

I have chosen to strive to practice and demonstrate better dialogue in politics rather than to spend time and resources on advertising and on the advice of electoral advisors in this campaign. By doing this, it is hoped that during the course of the pre-election period, many subjects of interest will be raised and that people will feel inspired to engage with me and one another to comment and discuss these through my Facebook page.

I am not seeking donations.

However, I would really appreciate you supporting my campaign by:
Engaging in the conversations on Facebook by liking, sharing and talking about me and my campaign as widely as you can, in all your social media and in your conversations with friends and colleagues.

And of course you can vote for me (#1 below the line) on the Australian Senate paper on Saturday 2nd July 2016.