Crucial to the process of my standing for election to the Senate, has been a small and powerful support team, which has worked together over the past six months. With a shared appreciation for Futures Studies, we came together to collaborate in a deliberately creative way to enquire into what a political campaign might look like were it not driven by an ‘already knowing’ mindset.

So intriguing and informative has the group collaboration become, that we now see ourselves not simply as a support team, but more accurately, as a community of practice.

I am enormously grateful to have the experience of working with these wonderful people and to count them as true and trusted friends as well as valued colleagues.


Beth Hyland

Beth is impatient to see Australia become the kind of democracy we have the potential to create. She believes that better political conversations - both in the community and in the parliament - can achieve great outcomes for our country. Beth is excited to see the discussion that Mendy's campaign for Senate generates.

Beth is as a strategist and facilitator for a Melbourne based consultancy called Thick. She grew up in rural Victoria, where she first got a taste of politics through school. Beth moved to the city for university and earned tertiary qualifications in Science, Social Science and Strategic Foresight. Beth has held professional roles in the Victorian, Australian and American public service.

Beth's role in the campaign is a strategist and informed collaborator on environmental and economic issues.


Libby Kostromin

Libby is inspired by ways of moving in the world that honour the fundamental connectedness of all life on this planet and beyond. She believes that robust conversations are necessary to develop healthy relationships at personal, organisational, societal and global levels. In directly supporting Mendy's campaign for Senate, Libby is keen to generate and participate in conversations that expand and enhance perspectives on Australian politics.

As director and principal consultant at Making Meaning, Libby works with organisational leaders to develop themselves and others, individually and collectively, so that their organisations can adapt and thrive in this complex world.

Libby's role in the campaign is not exactly clear. She'd like to think of herself as a kind of heart monitor. Spreading the love. Keeping it real. Reminding us all to tread gently, together, and smile.


Helen Philip-Tchepikov

helen philip-tchepikov.jpg

Helen enjoys working with people to develop and implement sustainable business strategies and innovative solutions. She is a senior administrator and project manager with a passion for client service and a high level of conceptual and analytical skills.

Having completed her postgraduate studies and holding Master of Business Administration and a Master of Strategic Foresight degrees, Helen is always on the lookout for interesting projects and ways to help the community through volunteer work and education. She currently works in the Higher Education sector and as an Associate Consultant in a firm specialising in strategic foresight, as well as having extensive experience in retail and construction.


Rebecca Mijat

Rebecca has a natural focus on people and engagement, and on their importance in igniting real improvements and change in our communities and organisations.

Rebecca is a communications leader and strategic foresight professional, with experience in developing strategy, leading change and delivering communications.

She has worked across a number of industries; banking and finance, education, technology, and sports. Her passion and skills lie in communication and engagement, leadership and leading teams, strategic foresight techniques, and change management.

Rebecca has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in business roles and on large change projects for local institutions and multinational organisations.


Annette Rudd

Annette facilitates the exploration and creation of visions of the future to inform long term organisational strategic planning and transformation.