I have selected four important broad policy areas to focus on during my four-week election campaign. These are Democracy, Health, Economics and Environment and Education. Each of these fields is huge, of course, but I will chose one or two aspects for each of these and set out to talk and to listen, using a variety of different conversations to see if some new insights can be found.

In the first week, I would like to tackle Democracy, in particular the relationship between a politician and their community; why some people become disengaged and how they can be encouraged to re-engage.

I would like to explore some of the issues around mental health in the second week, in particular, issues of funding, access and need.

Under the banner of Economics and Environment, I want to get a better understanding of some of the critical factors impacting the area of jobs into the future and how policy levers can help support people to find and maintain meaningful work.

Finally, what are the major current issues in the field of education? What is the experience on the ground and in the classroom and how can good policy help people of all ages and stages of life continue to grow and thrive.

While some of the matters and issues the Australian Parliament needs to consider and vote on may be dealt with in expedient ways, many other matters are quite evidently extremely complex, deep-seated and interrelated.

Although I have my own political bias, which would be fairly considered as socially progressive and left-leaning, I hold to the conviction that better policy responses are possible when there is a process of better and more effective dialogue amongst members in the parliament, with interested players and stakeholders in the field, and as appropriate, with the broader community.

With the help of my support group, during each week of the campaign I will be exploring policy topics through a four-step process, through which I will:

  • hold a Dialogue about the policy topic of the week with two stakeholders. An audio recording of this will be made available on the site.
  • upload my Reflection on the dialogue
  • discuss the dialogue with the support group to get a wider range of opinions
  • Record a final Perspective video on the topic