Lidia Thorpe & Meredith Urie in Dialogue

Lidia Thorpe & Meredith Urie in Dialogue


Mental Health

In Australia “Each year, it is estimated that more than 3.6 million people (aged 16 to 85 years) experience mental ill-health – representing about 20 percent of adults. In addition, almost 600,000 children and youth between the ages of four and 17 are affected by a clinically significant mental health problem.”

(Report of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, 30th Nov 2014, National Mental Health Commission)

We also know that mental ill-health affects an even higher percentage of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people, with often disastrous consequences for individuals, families and communities.

It has therefore been a great privilege and opportunity to once again be in dialogue with my friend and colleague, Ms Lidia Thorpe, a Gunnai/Gunditjmara woman who is dedicated to supporting her people towards health, healing and reconciliation.

(NB Although Lidia was happy to engage in dialogue, this in no way implies an endorsement of my candidature as an Independent in the Senate or my political campaign)


Reflections on Lidia & Meredith Dialogue


A Perspective on Mental Health